Peng Joon here, I've got a question.

Have you ever wondered how it’s possible to take a laptop and an internet connection, merge them together and build a business from them? 

Over the last couple of years, I have had the privilege to travel all over the world, to more than 20+ countries, spoke with world's top thought leaders - people like Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, and motivational speakers like Les Brown, Brendon Buchard, by teaching people this one main thing, this one main principle: 

How do you take what you know, your knowledge, your life experience and transform them into a profitable business online? 

What I want to do is to show you the exact steps which will make all of the differences in your business, to help you to build, grow and scale your business so that you can become the only logical choice in your market.
World's #1 Personal Development Trainer: Tony Robbins
Author of 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad':
Robert Kiyosaki
Author of 'The Millionaire Mesenger': Brendon Buchard
World's Renowned Motivator:
Les Brown
Author of 'Life Without Limits':
Nick Vujicic
The Godfather of Marketing:
Jay Abraham
The Guru to Gurus:
Joel Bauer
Author of 'The Pursuit of Happiness': Chris Gardner
Here is what I will teach you
How do we get into red-hot markets, where people are literally ready to throw money at you for helping them?
How do we create products that will cost you no money to create?
How to set it all up so that it runs on autopilot, so that you can be potentially making money even while you’re asleep?
You see, things weren't always like this for me. Back in 2007 I was unemployed, broke and in 6-figure debt that I couldn’t pay back. I spent tens of thousands of dollars that I didn’t have on products, software and trainings and never made a cent. It wasn’t until I studied what the gurus did, and not what they said, that I figured it out.Two years later at the age of 25, I made my first million dollars online.

Since then I’ve built an 8-figure online empire that consistently generates automated income for me month after month.

Fast forward today: I’ve been traveling around the world; we’ve been to more than 20 countries today teaching tens of thousands of people this system.

Today, I’m going to be showing you exactly how that works. 
The Information Business
 #1- Anyone Can Do It
What do I mean by that?
Now, one of the biggest myths when it comes to building an online business and running it is that you need to be a programmer, designer, coder, writer or even an expert.

Even until today, I still don’t know how to write a single line of code.

The ONE skill that you want to be learning and mastering because that is the one skill that pays the bills – that skill is MARKETING.

In the last couple of years, I’ve been in many weird niches and I’ve seen it all. I’ve had friends who have monetized from websites in niches that they’re not even experts in.
#2 – Insane Margins
You are selling information.

This is something that is intangible: You cannot see, touch or feel it.
Whenever you sell something that’s intangible (something like an eBook or a membership site) the margins are crazy because first of all, there’s no cost involved.

The only two things a person needs while starting up an online business is really just a website name which is about $10 a year and hosting which is about $10 a month.

And that’s it – there’s no other cost involved for a person to start up an online business.
#3 – Automated Income
Here’s the thing: In the last 7 months, I’ve been home for about two and a half weeks. I’ve been to Europe, South Africa, I went to Australia, I went for a 2-week cruise in Miami (to the Caribbean islands), and I’ve been away from my business for a really long time.

In most businesses, whenever the leader is away for such an extended period of time, they will not last.

However, my businesses are still running, and the reason for that is because they’re automated.

When you have that system up, that is when the entire process is completely automated.

Come on this trip with me and watch how powerful an automated system is:
#4 – No Limit
There’s no limit to the amount you can earn, and there’s no limit to the amount of people that you can target because you’re no longer limited to a certain demographic or country. The world is at your fingertips

No limit also refers to the amount you can earn: Success is not linear in this industry.

It doesn’t mean that to reach $10,000 a month, you first need to be at the $8,000 mark, and before that the $6,000 mark.

I’ve had students and friends who have had no prior experience, but they started doing this and they started making insane results in this business.

So there’s really no limit to what you can do in this business.
Tripling John Chow's income:
How Much Is This Worth? 
In my previous events, I actually asked the group how much this is worth and this was their response:
South Africa
So as you can see, I know what I’m doing, and I have a great track record for helping OTHERS do the same thing!
If You Attend This Power-Packed Live Event, Here’s What You’ll Learn
  • Module 1: Creating Your Own World Class Information Products
  • Module 2: Build Your Business Based On Your Personal Passion
  • Module 3: Where To Find Hot Markets And Hungry Buyers
  • Module 4: Create Your Own Website
  • Module 5: Reaching A Global Audience
  • Module 6: Spreading Your Message Through Different Mediums
  • Module 7: Generating A Solid Income Without A Product
  • Module 8: Drive Massive Traffic To Your Website
  • Module 9: Dominate Your Niche With Video Marketing
  • Module 10: Repeating The System To Make MORE Money!
Let’s go into the 10 modules one at a time and I’ll unveil the curtains so that you will know exactly what you’ll be learning:
1 - Creating Your Own World Class Information Products
I’ll be guiding you on how to create your very own information product based on your gift, knowledge, experience or passion.
Together, we’ll pinpoint your passion and turn it into massive profits.

You don’t even have to be a writer or a designer, or know any coding or programming…. Because I don’t know any of those things either!
2 - Build Your Business Based On Your Personal Passion
This was the most important lesson I learned when getting started: to market a product based on my passion.

I’ll be helping you to discover your passion, and show you how you can monetize it so that you can literally learn how to make money doing something you love.
 3 - Where To Find Hot Markets And Hungry Buyers
Discover how to get into the hottest markets and trends, even before people know they exist!

I’ll teach you how to get an edge over the competition and position yourself as the authority.

You’ll learn how to be the first on the scene and how to demolish the competition with some of the simplest marketing tactics around!

4 - Create Your Own Website
In order to make money online, you must have a website. There’s no way around this.

I’ll be providing you with powerful tools that will do everything for you… and will be guiding you through every step of how to use them to set up your very own money-making website.

You won’t need to be technical, or know any coding or programming. The tricks I’ll be showing you will simplify everything… and you’ll be ready to go with just a few clicks.
5 - Reaching A Global Audience
Once you have your world-class product created, you’ll want to share it with the world…

I’ll show you my personal system to set up everything, create your own web copy and start selling your product for profit…

With these simple tricks you’ll be able to turn your website visitors into paying customers…
This method has been tried and tested, and now perfected…

And I’m giving it away to you.
6 - Spreading Your Message Through Different Mediums
I’m going to show you how you can transform and enhance your very own product using these unique strategies…

That means that you only need to “work” once…

To get 7 different products!

This will save you heaps of time while multiplying your income through the roof.

7 - Generating A Solid Income Without A Product
I’ll be revealing the power of affiliate marketing – the fastest and easiest way to make a passive income online through promoting other people’s products.

In no time at all you’ll be generating a solid passive income, with cash being deposited straight into your account month after month.
8 - Drive Massive Traffic To Your Website
The more visitors you have to your website, the more money you’ll make.

And I’ll be showing you how to tap into the most lucrative traffic sources with minimal effort…

So you can double your income in half the time!

These automated techniques only take a one-time set up, which I’ll be walking you through… Then traffic will just be streaming on to your site…

You’ll get into Google’s good books and actually get targeted traffic DIRECTED to your offer…

With willing customers who are ready to buy.
9 - Dominate Your Niche With Video Marketing
Video marketing is one of the best ways to dominate your niche online. I’ll show you how to create amazing videos that will showcase your brand, product and service and increase your earnings enormously…. 

Even without you needing to be in the video!

10 - Repeating The System To Make MORE Money!
The best part about Internet marketing is that once you have a system that works and makes money for you…You only need to duplicate and repeat it to generate an even bigger income. 

And I’ll be giving away my personal system that has been proven to convert.

This easy 5-step Formula is the foundation of my online empire and you’ll have full access to it…

So you don’t have to struggle like I did at the beginning… 

You won’t go through the same mistakes or failures… Because I’ve taken out all the risk and streamlined it…

So absolutely anyone can take it, implement it, and profit.

Use it once and you’ll get one income stream… Repeat it and you’ll get 2 income streams…

And that’s everything you’ll be learning at Gamechanger Intensive!
BONUS #1 - Pre Training Sessions 
You’ll want to make sure that you’re able to make the most of your time with me at the event…. So I’ve prepared these 3 simple pre-training steps that you need to complete before attending the seminar. 

You’ll be able to begin this training as early as tonight!

I’ll personally be walking you through this step-by-step program so you can catch up to speed and start off from the same point as your fellow students.

That way you’ll be able to get started immediately and be way ahead of the pack.

Value : $1,997
Value : $6,497
BONUS #2 – 12 Post-Training Sessions 
I’ve noticed that most seminars rarely provide post-seminar support.

Because I want my students and graduates to be able to take action after the seminar and be able to implement everything they’ve learned, I’ve created a portal containing detailed steps and tutorials for everything that was taught during the seminar, for which you’ll be given login details and lifetime access.

This also includes a 30-day action plan to help you get started with simple daily tasks that will guide you through the process of setting up your business.

BONUS #3 - Full Post-Seminar Support 
If you need help, or have questions, or simply want to bounce some ideas off experienced marketers, my team will be on hand to speak to you.

All you have to do is send my support team an email and they’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Value :
Value : $1,997
BONUS #4 – Private Facebook Mastermind
I’ll be setting up a Facebook group for my graduates, so that YOU can brainstorm and share your success stories with each other.

Share ideas, gain insights, and motivate each other to keep learning and moving forward.

BONUS #5 – My Personal Hard Disc Data 
In my personal hard disc, I have over 1.3 terabytes worth of files which I’ve gathered over the past 7-and-a-half years. These files contain graphics, sales copy, even some ready-made products and sales pages that I hired programmers, designers and writers to create for me (and the cost of hiring expert content creators to put everything together for me was easily around 6-figures at least).

At the end of the event, I’ll be giving you online access to all of my personal and private files from my personal hard disc, along with 1,316 made-to-launch products (eBooks, audio and video) from some of the most lucrative niches in the world today…

… over 8000 high-resolution images of products, ebook covers, mini-sites, banners…

…. High-quality pre-written emails, blog posts and articles that have been proven to convert…

… and of course every single product contains a unique sales page.

All of these have been created and will be given to you… so all you have to do is fill in your own name and put them up on your site!

Value : $30,000
What You'll Get
Ticket to Gamechanger Intensive Live Event
Pre-Training Sessions
Post-Training Sessions 
Gamechanger Intensive Live Event
Pre-Training Sessions
Post-Training Sessions 
Full Post-Seminar Support 
Private Facebook Mastermind
My Personal Hard Disc Data
Full Post-Seminar Support 
Private Facebook Mastermind
My Personal Hard Disc Data
What's Is It Worth To You To Have Someone Take You By The Hand, And
 Lead You Straight To Success?
What would you be willing to pay to cut down all of the endless studying... the trial-and-error failures... the costly “how to” materials... and all of the hair pulling, lost time, and wasted effort, into a comprehensive course?

To know that with this training, you can finally achieve the success that you’ve been struggling -- possibly for YEARS -- to achieve? 

There are others out there who will offer to work with you to teach you internet marketing but they charge a lot more and will not be as effective! 
But I really thought of paying for that because when I considered my university degree, it did put me in a hefty debt. 

Parents are all willing to pay for their children’s education – I told myself this and I would’ve been willing to pay a guru that kind of money if I wasn’t desperate for cash that many years ago.

I understand the struggle you are going through, especially when you are just starting out and for that reason, I want to help you monetize your passion and make your dreams of becoming a successful online marketer a reality for a low one-time investment.

So if you join me for Gamechanger Intensive, you’ll learn everything you need to succeed in Internet marketing.
To Your Online Success,
P.S. Remember, the special price is only available for a limited time. So to get this price and all these benefits, you’ll need to register right away!
P.P.S. Remember, seats are extremely limited! You don’t want to come back tomorrow to find that it is fully sold out and you’ll to place your dreams on hold for another year and I might only do this once a year! Register now to avoid any disappointments or regrets.
Contact us at contact@smobble.com to find out more about the live event in the city nearest to you.
How often do you do trainings like this?
I don’t do trainings like this often – only once or twice a year and the dates are not certain. That is why I recommend that you register your spot first because you will never know when I’m going to do this again.
Do I need any technical skills to come for this course?
None at all. This course is 100% suitable for people who have no background in computers, programming, web design or writing skills.
I’m not sure what products I should get started in…
That’s alright because we’ll teach you how to select your niches and products during the course itself. By the end of the course, you will walk away with your very own business!
Do I need to quit my job to run an Internet marketing business?
Of course not ! (unless you want to)
This business can start as a part time business and will slowly grow into a full time business and replace your income and then you can decide if you want to quit your job or not to. 
Is there an easy payment plan?
Yes, there is an easy payment plan! To find out more, email my team at contact@smobble.com.
Is it very hard to start an Internet business due to competition?
Let me tell you this – Internet marketing is just like every industry out there. It is competitive and that is a good thing because if it is not competitive, then there won’t be a market for you.
Using the step-by-step system, you don’t need to worry about the direct competition because it will minimize all your guess work. There are even ways to turn your competitors into your allies!
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